Step I:
Prospective candidate shall check the course he/she wants to apply from the list of HAFEDPOLY Kazaure ND Full Time Courses shown here Courses or from the website at:

Step II:
Candidate shall check for the subject requirement of the ND Programme he/she wishes to apply for. Each course has its required O’level subject combination. You must have the required subject combination before you apply and if you apply with the wrong combination, you will not be admitted. 

Step III:
1) Prospective Candidates shall Apply for Admission through JAMB website
2) Candidate may wish to visit ICT unit of HAFEDPOLY Kazaure or any JAMB CBT center for more guidance on how to apply for the ND Part Time Programmes through JAMB.
3) The ICT Centre or any JAMB CBT centre shall provide the candidate with a print out after successfull application.
4) The candidate shall submit the print out for uploading at the HAFED Poly Kazaure Admission office under the Registry Department. or send a scanned copy of the document through our Help/Support Desk
5) After JAMB consideration, the Polytechnic will release the list of admitted candidates through its JAMB Website,
6) Successful candidates shall visit the polytechnic website at to create account on PORTAL and pay processing fees.


The certificate awarded to Part-Time students after successful completion of any ND Part-Time Program is  exactly same with Regular students without any difference whatsoever.